Sustainable Practice Guidelines for Sponsors & Participating Organizations 2018

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Green Living

Leading up to this year’s Green Day, on October 21st, 2017, the Greater Miami Shores Chamber of Commerce wants to provide attendees with important, up to date, information about renewable energy, environmental stewardship, and sustainability Read more…

Useful articles

Think Smarter: Reduce & Reuse Rather Than Recycle

Maybe you have wondered about all of the material that we recycle. What actually becomes of it? A February 14, 2017 article in the Daily Mail (UK) entitled “The Recycling Con” reported that 43% of Read more…

Green Guidelines

What Can I Recycle in Miami Shores?

Did you know that Miami Shores residents kept 845 tons of material out of the local landfill by recycling? Reducing our waste stream also keeps down costs, which helps keep your taxes as low as Read more…