Going green starts with you!

Green Day’s organizers are committed to reducing waste and limiting landfill at this year’s event. Sponsors and participants are asked to please adhere to the following guidelines to add to these efforts.

  1. Please do not use plastic bags (i.e. grocery bags) or styrofoam.
  2. Be aware of and limit the use of plastic water bottles. There will be water stations throughout the street fair.
  3. Minimize promotional materials.
  4. Use e-communication whenever possible (i.e. this guide will not be printed, just posted online and emailed).
  5. If using print material, use paper with minimum 30% post consumer content and no chlorine bleach.
  6. Use both sides of the paper when printing.
  7. Whenever possible, use seasonal/locally grown organic/cruelty free/ non-GMO /fair trade foods, beer, wine.
  8. Serve finger foods that don’t require a utensil.
  9. Serve condiments in bulk containers.
  10. Avoid plastic coffee stirrers and straws.
  11. Use compostable or recyclable food containers, take out containers, utensils and cups. If disposable items are essential, try to ensure they contain a high content of recycled or plant-based material.
  12. We are also inviting all vendors to display a small sign that, in a few words, tells how you are demonstrating environmental consciousness at Green Day.

For additional ideas as to how you can reduce your environmental footprint – not only at Green Day, but in your business and daily life, please see our expanded e-publication Green Day 2016 Green Guide: Sustainable Practice Guidelines for Sponsors & Participating Organizations.

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