Maybe you have wondered about all of the material that we recycle. What actually becomes of it?

A February 14, 2017 article in the Daily Mail (UK) entitled “The Recycling Con” reported that 43% of items eligible for recycling, ended up in landfills. Similarly, noted that 90% of plastic water bottles and 80% of plastic bags are not recycled. put the amount of items we try to recycle, that actually end up in landfills instead, at 45%.

So what can we do? One very important way that we can cut down on the number of items that we need to recycle, is to be mindful shoppers. For instance, could you pour juice into a washable sippy cup when you pack your kids’ lunch, rather than buy juice boxes? How about buying laundry detergent or dishwasher detergent in cardboard boxes (biodegradable) rather than in plastic jugs? Could you fill up your sports bottle with filtered water from your fridge door rather than buy water in plastic bottles?

We can purposefully cut down on the trash and recycling stream if we think before we buy!

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